Del perché non uso la trackpad sul Macbook, e del perché a Cult of Mac sono fuori di testa

Cult of Mac: There’s years of muscle memory at work that tells you that when you’re on your desktop or laptop, you scroll by swiping two fingers in the direction you want to go. Doing the opposite is going to seem counter-intuitive at first.

Me: Yes. It’s going to seem counter-intuitive because it is counter-intuitive.

Cult of Mac: “The reason Lion’s new way of scrolling seems so wacky at first is that after almost thirty years of using Macintosh OS, we’ve stopped associating our computer desktop as being analogous to a physical desktop, covered in pieces of paper“.

Me: Uh, actually we’ve never done that, because a computer desktop is not analogous to a physical desktop, and we all know that. It’s just a metaphor, and an outdated one at that.

Cult of Mac: “Likewise, we’ve also forgotten that a mouse pointer is supposed to represent where our finger is on that desktop“.

Me: Uh? WTF? No, it’s not. And anyway I don’t point my fingers at my real life desktop.

Cult of Mac: “Let’s think about how scrolling would work in a physical space“.


Cult of Mac: “Let’s think of a web page loaded in Safari as a long piece of paper, while Safari is a fixed wooden frame around that paper“.

Me: Browser = wooden frame? Internet = a piece of paper? Are you out of your MIND?

Cult of Mac: “If you wanted to move the paper so that words that were below the lower boundary of the frame were within its viewing pane, you would have to use your finger to push the paper within the frame’s viewing area up towards the top”.

Me: IF I were in a physical space. I FUCKING AM NOT!

Cult of Mac: “If you remember that a computer desktop is actually a GUI metaphor for a physical desktop, and virtual objects are meant to manipulated using the same physics as real objects”


Cult of Mac: “It becomes clear that OS X Lion’s so-called “reverse scrolling” is anything but. It’s actually realistic scrolling“.

Me: No! Realistic is NOT standard. Realistic is NOT intuitive. Realistic is NOT real.

Cult of Mac: “Adjust Your Thinking

Me: Yeah, fuck you.

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